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What!! Another Birthday??

Oh! Another birthday has come and gone. An annual rite of passage. A remembrance  of the day when I made my arduous passage through the birth canal, kicking and screaming. For nine months I was doing fine, floating in my isolation womb. Suddenly, BAM!!!, somebody pulls the plug, the water drains, and I’m out of there.   My first experience with the world was a forced eviction from my private abode. Hey, it was rent-free, comfortable, quiet and I could suck on my thumb all day. My Mom was my disgruntled landlord who didn’t even have the courtesy to issue an eviction notice. When I started to speak, she got some harsh syllables from me. There was no “Mama or Dada” as my first words. It was more along the line of, “What the hell were you thinking?” Until I could form words, I screamed a lot and peed in everyone’s face.     People wonder why I have anxiety issues? I was yanked head-first into the cold, noisy world and some stranger in scrubs flung me around the room. No wonder I still get

Trumpenstein's Beautiful Miracle Cure

Ladies and Gentlemen: Are you feeling lazy, listless, cabin feverish? Are you unable to party like it’s 1999 days of quarantine? Do you want to ignore social distancing, throw caution to a sneeze and get a tattoo? If your roots are as gray as your mood and you’re just sick of it all, head down to Dr. Trumpenstein’s Viral Spa. Lay back in the most beautiful facility ever, and receive a cutting-edge treatment formulated by Trumpenstein himself. He’s not a licensed doctor, but he’s a stable genius, has the best brain and knows more than all the medical professionals.  After consulting with our lead technician, Pam Demic, you’ll be disrobed and placed on one of our warming trays. Experience the hot, cleansing rays of UV and infrared light. You’ll feel like an extra-large order of McDonald’s fries.  The treatment is weight based so if you tend to be on the big-boned spectrum, we’ll shoot the light where the sun doesn’t shine. Our individualized care allows you to decide

The History Channel's on a Roll

New York, NY  – Today in a press conference, Eli Lehrer, Executive Vice President of Original Programming for the History Channel, announced the premiere of its new show,  TP Pickers .  Lehrer informed a group of socially distanced reporters; the show was rushed into production to help people with the scarce household necessity during this terrible pandemic. “We have a huge duty to provide timely programming,” Lehrer said.  Hosts, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, who have a knack for sniffing out family jewels, will hit the road in their 1985 Ford Econoline Van with a fire lit under their seats to search out toilet paper for desperate families. Fritz joins  TP Pickers  after a career as a professional poker player. “I was known as the King of the Royal Flush,” Fritz said.  In teasers for the program, Wolfe can be heard yelling, “We’ll travel to every small town and bang on back doors until we find a roll.” In the first episode, The Piles family from Butte, Montana, a

Six Feet of Separation

People are saying in this time of crisis we need to find something positive to help us cope with a stressful situation.  I’ve found the most positive thing I could ever hope for–  Social Distancing . For anyone with social anxiety this is equivalent to winning the Power Ball.  I’ve never been a people person. Although many have the impression I’m social, these are the same people who believe that David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear. It’s all a distraction to reality. As our illustrious leader said “what you’re seeing is not what’s happening.” With anxiety, my optimal personal space radius is the square footage of Costco. Being anywhere in a crowd is a challenge. Without a pandemic, most places are usually to “peopley.” I prefer a slow day at the mall, like during a tornado. Hey, I can deal with a few flying cars or a stray cow. I’ve watched Twister and Helen Hunt has nothing on me.  Even when I’ve fully engaged my forcefield, most people are clueless

SPARKS BRIEF: Trump Demands Ratings Increase

Washington, D.C. - According to our whistleblower, Trump summoned his defense team to the White House Friday night as his historic impeachment trial nears its inevitable conclusion.  Trump fumed over slumping ratings and the fact that more households had tuned in to watch soap operas. The conservative Media Research Center has called it a “ratings disaster.”  Earlier in the week, after finding out the Nixon Watergate Hearings had higher ratings, Trump ordered the Thanksgiving turkey Butter, whom he pardoned in 2019, be brought back to the White House. Butter was unpardoned, deep fried in Dunkin Donut oil and served with a side of KFC mashed potatoes.   Later, he was seen waving a turkey drumstick at a Tomb Guard in Arlington Cemetery demanding to be given the name of the Unknown Solider. At the late-night meeting, Trump told his lawyers the trial was the “best impeachment ever,” and that all shows should be suspended while the proceedings are being broadcast. Jay Se