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Grief Over Time

How do we maneuver through grief and find some type of healing? I struggle for an answer. I’ve read some books on grief and dying. I‘ve talked to a bereavement counselor and a psychologist, but does that really give me the tools to cope with the loss of a parent? Loosing a parent is like becoming untethered during a space walk. You suddenly are spinning out of control without gravity to bring you back to safety. You are lost, in a void and it is hard to catch your breath. People around you reach out their hands to help, but it is hard to latch onto the lifeline you need. I suffer with the loss of my mother. I try to survive on a daily basis. The relationship that brought me unconditional love and grounding is gone. Perhaps it is a delusion that I live with, but I feel less protected and more vulnerable to the world now.   I realize that I am an adult, but I was a child brought into this world by a person who is no longer here.   I ask myself if I lack the strength of c

Pumpkin Spiced Wishes and Halloween Dreams

Fall is here and it is time to break out all the pumpkin-spiced products. Relish in the cinnamon, the nutmeg, the clove, and the most important ingredient, the king of all squash – the “Great Pumpkin.” I now can enjoy the crisp autumn air as I visit the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru and order my box of pumpkin-spiced munchkins. Let me sit back pop one in my mouth, enjoy the taste of the season, and think about cracking open my orange and black bins of holiday horror. It means that Halloween is on its way.   It’s time to break out the spooky decorations and try and scare the crap out of the neighborhood children. Since I was a child, the use of Halloween decorations and the celebration of   “All Hallows Eve” have grown exponentially. Halloween has become the second biggest decorated holiday after Christmas. I love seeing people’s houses decked out in terror, in the anticipation of the giant sugar rush of “Trick or Treat” night. Now, there are bite-sized v