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Hot off the Press!!

My third article has been published in Elephant Journal. Please be courteous and read it. Also share the article with friends and family. I will allow the use of your cell phone to tweet or text the link in this circumstance.  Click here to read.

Reinvention - New Beginnings

“For every end there is a beginning.” The phrase can sound cliché or trite, because we’ve heard it so many times.   Whether it is cliché or not, it certainly is true when I stop to contemplate the meaning. As humans everyone comes to an end, and we all have a finite amount of time.   During our lifetime there are many beginnings and endings. For most things, there has to be a conclusion before moving to the next phase.   We stand on many stages during our life, and the curtain must come down before we can move to the next spotlight. From childhood to adulthood, our characters certainly change, as do our experiences and beliefs. I couldn’t wait until my school years were over, because the work world seemed more appealing than homework and gym class. As I entered “Corporate America,” I realized that my college days seemed so much better. I missed the learning process and being part of a group of students that supported each other.   We can find ourselves in perio