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Delivered with Pride

  June is Gay Pride Month. It’s the time to hang rainbow flags, celebrate diversity, equality, love, inclusion and show support for the LGBTQ+ community. There are parades, parties, memorials and tv programs celebrating the history of gay culture. As indiviuals discuss their coming out process, the question always arises “when did you know you were gay?”  For some it can be a slow process, questioning where they fall on the spectrum of self-identification. For me there was never a question. I came out at birth holding a ticket to Key West and a rainbow binky. No need to keep my parents guessing. I knew from the moment the doctor said “the baby is crowning” that I was royalty. The reality smacked me soon after I left the hospital, but a “Gurl” can dream. “Can I get an amen?” I escaped nine months from my isolation chamber, and didn’t scream or cry. Instead, I sang the 12” Club Version of “I’m Coming Out,” my homage to the diva — Miss Ross.  The birth canal is not equipped with low level

I'm So Vein

  “Everything can change in an instant.” “Things can change in the blink of an eye.” “Life can turn on a dime.”   We’ve all heard the quotes. Whether you’re into time, body parts or currency, chances are you’ll think or utter one of those at some point. When we reach the age of fifty to somewhere over the rainbow, most likely we’ll relate such a phrase to a health issue.   For some reason as we start to near the end of the age range chart we’re supposed to be in our “golden years.” I’m not sure what’s “golden” because everyone’s hair is turning sliver and their hips and knees are titanium. I guess we need to check with Dorothy, Rose, Blanche or Sophia. Just turn on the late-night Hallmark Channel they’re waiting on the lanai with cheesecake and answers.    My once busy schedule of partying at clubs, mall shopping with friends, and personal trainer sessions is now dominated with doctor’s office visits. My calendar is filled with “ist’s” dates —dentist, gastroenterologist, urologist, psy