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Candy Apple Nightmares Part 2 - The Talisman

Realistic "Old Hag" image created by BatesRoom1 on FANPOP . (Part 2 of Blog - Published November 1, 2014) Click here for Part 1  Hildegard looked at me with a strangely knowing stare. She was acknowledging I was on to her. Tommy gagged, stopped and threw his apple to the ground, but Jennifer and Vicki just laughed. “God, Dave, What’s wrong with you?” Tommy asked wiping the red taffy off his face. “I was enjoying my apple until you got so gross. Not a funny joke man.” “I’m not joking Tommy,” I said. “You can’t see that they’re not apples. Its disgusting.” I glanced at Vicki and Jennifer as they chewed into disgusting bits of dried skin. I broke out in a cold sweat. I needed to grab the tainted treats away from my friends, but I didn’t want to get any closer to them or Hildegard. “Jen, Vicki, Please stop eating that garbage. It’s horrible.” Jennifer licked her lips and grinned at me. I could see bits of what she thought was an apple s

Communication - The Art of Words

I read a posting, a few weeks ago, that the song “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode was celebrating its 25 th anniversary. The song, released in 1990, speaks of how you can be beyond words. It relays the message that there are times when words can’t describe feelings or emotions and seem inconsequential. I do understand when people say that something is “indescribable.” We all have moments when we just want silence and time to appreciate the world beyond words.   A feeling or an emotion can be hard to verbalize at times, but are we ever beyond words? We have to realize that if we want a space of non-communication we have to communicate that. We can’t “Enjoy the Silence” unless we can tell everyone we want silence.   For people to know we are at a loss for words, we have to tell them that. Everything we say and do lies in communication. We could not function as a community or a society without it. We don’t stop to contemplate that our whole world is created fro