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The Power of the Present

I have found that I often get caught up in the past – wishing I could have changed something. There are always all the “what ifs.”   If I had done something different, said something different, or chosen a different path.   There is that constant query – would things be different today? Of course, I have to go in the opposite direction as well and worry about the future -what is going to happen?   I worry will my interview be successful, will my doctor’s physical show I’m in good health, will I get published, will I get the phone call I am expecting, will I enjoy the movie I want to see? The list is endless. Whether it is the past or the future, it all causes stress, anxiety and pulls me away from a focus on the here and now.   I’ve heard numerous quotes, and songs about there’s only now. “ Live Like We’re Dying” It’s easy to get distracted when my inner voice wants to inform me of every angle and nuance.   It reminds me of the past and attempts to inform me of the fu