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The Birth of Toyguy and Collecting

Many adults still like to play with toys. Now, before I go any further, I am not talking about the strap on variety, or anything purchased at Adam & Eve. I am talking about the toys of our childhood - the Holy Grail of Christmas morning treasures. The wind-up, crank-up, batteries required, pull a string, and push a button, types of toys. The toys we dog-eared the Sears Wish Book over. These were the cherished possessions of our youth, that we fall asleep playing with, or took to bed to cuddle through the night. As a child, any holiday or special event where gifts were received – a toy was always the expected present. If the box inside the gift-wrap didn’t have Kenner, Mattel, Marx or Hasbro stamped on it, I didn’t want it. It wasn’t that I was ungrateful, but what child wants to receive a bathrobe or pajamas as a gift? There are appropriate times of year to expect clothing – like back to school. My dad’s two sisters were very good at giving gifts I never wanted to open.