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Breaking into Snow Business

This winter has certainly been more severe, and cold than the last few we have experienced. Many seem to be getting tired of dealing with the snow, and the frigid temperatures. I can understand the need for a little relief from this winter onslaught. I too am growing tired of the cold and the Artic Vortex, and I am also weary of taking my car through the car wash to remove the salt and grime from the treated roadways.   My car is more a combination pretzel/saltine right now than it is a motor vehicle. I have parked my car in the driveway, and animals came up thinking it was a salt lick. I sat two weekends ago at the car wash for forty-five minutes just to get my car through the washing stage of the process. It was the Saturday we reached sixty degrees, so I guess everyone else wanted to rid their vehicles of the layer of salt, while they could enjoy the feeling of spring. I didn’t mind that I was at the car wash for an hour, because I left