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Hedwig and the Angry Oscar!

Neil Patrick Harris learned during the 87th Academy Awards show that he couldn’t host everything. The charming and usually witty host could not tackle Oscar the Giant . I am a great fan of Neil and was excited to learn he was hosting this year’s broadcast of the Academy Awards.   He had so brilliantly hosted the Tony and Emmy Award shows, that this would be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, the brains behind Neil failed. Taking on hosting the Academy Awards is no small feat; just ask Seth Macfarlane and James Franco. It is great media exposure and the accolades come if you can find your niche and gain acceptance among the elitist of Tinseltown.   It worked with Ellen and her Twitter exploding “selfie”, but it didn’t happen with Neil’s “magic box.” The show’s opening was entertaining and Neil did what he can do best - sing and dance. His first joke of the evening about honoring “Hollywood’s best and whitest” landed well with the star packed audience, but he soon lost his f

The Heart of Valentine's Day

I just looked at my calendar and realized that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I don’t really pay attention to the day when that little “f***ker” in the diaper shoots arrows into the hearts of those who can only show love on February 14 th .   We shouldn’t have to be reminded to express our love for someone. What is the big deal with Valentine’s Day? Shouldn’t real love be a constant thing? Shouldn’t we be saying “I Love You” to all those in our lives as often as we can? If you feel the need to over express in February what you should have been saying the rest of the year, you need to examine your definition of love. We should spread love around to all those people we hold in our hearts, and it should happen everyday. I don’t feel the need to wait for the “Holiday of Love.” Love doesn’t need to come in the form of perfume-scented cards, undies for two, the Snuggie of Love, or a giant Mylar heart. It should be in gestures we do everyday. It is much more meaningful to dis

"Lights, Camera, Bloom" - The Silver Screen with a Green Thumb

In a world - where a groundhog sees his shadow, wind chill temperatures hit the single digits and the landscape is gray, there is an escape to beauty, color and lush landscapes. Immerse yourself in the 2015 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show - “Celebrate the Movies.”   It’s “Lights, Camera, Bloom” as you step onto a red carpet, enter a movie palace and experience an award-winning event that will leave you awestruck.  The show’s entrance gardens feature such stars as Rose – the All-American beauty, Calla Lily – the tropical temptress and Hosta – a lush perennial favorite. Brilliant colors and displays from multi-talented landscapers and floral artists will leave you breathless in wonder. Jaw dropping landscapes featuring Disney inspired themes will bring you the magic of the movies and memories to cherish. Watch as “Maleficent” delivers all her villainous splendor and “Cars” sets the speedometer to high-octane enjoyment.  You won’t have to Let It Go as the world of “Frozen