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SPARKS BRIEF: Pie-eyed with Power

  Capitol Hill, MN:  On January 6 th , fifteen-time loser, Marjorie Tyler Kelly, was named the winner of the 2023 National Pie Baking Contest held at the Holiday Inn Express in Capitol Hill, Minnesota. This annual crusty event celebrated its 118 th  year awarding the top honor to amateur baker Ms. Kelly.  Former twenty-time champion, Head Judge - Millie Musgrave, said she was speechless when this year’s winner was announced. “Ms. Kelly has the tenacity to submit her concoctions every year, but I’m astounded she was able to grab the top award.” Musgrave went onto say that Kelly had a tough and gritty personality, “Pretty much like her pies.” The panel of twenty judges deliberated into the early morning hours of January 6 th  before declaring Kelly the winner. According to an unnamed source, the judges were split on awarding the prize to a pie that clearly was the worst pie in MN.  Musgrave, who was the head judge this year, said, “Kelly’s pie, an Apple Streusel Chocolate Surprise, was b