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A New Jersey Yankee in the Heart of Country

I have never been a fan of Country Music. I remember when it was referred to as Country Western, and the twang was a killer to my ears. That down home sound was a downer. My dad was a fan of the old show “Hee Haw”. I couldn’t be anywhere near the television, or in listening range when it was on. As soon as they started popping out of the cornfield, I’d be popping out of the room. No Buck Owens or Roy Clark for me. It has always just been a personal preference. Even at the age of seven, I knew I didn’t like the steel guitar, or any type of honky tonk sound.   The music, the outfits, the big hair on the female singers was definitely not anything that was going to win me over.   The only place I wanted to hear a banjo was at the “Country Bear Jamboree” at Disneyworld. I was always a Soul Man. Give me The Supremes, Stevie Wonder and Martha and Vandellas “Dancing in the Street.” I loved the funky dance sound, not the lament that someone ran over my wife with a pickup tru