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Our Dearly Departures

Have you ever dreamt of a tomb with a view? If you’ve longed to live abroad, but weren’t able to escape your  nine-to-five   commitments at home, planning a trip at the end of a lifetime can be right at your cold, dead fingertips.    Paul Bearer, LLC. International will plan your exclusive  Destination Funeral.  No need to pack bags for the last, endless vacation. Spend eternity surrounded by spectacular vistas and ages of history in the country of your choice. Don’t settle for a cemetery off Route 130 by the Super Walmart. Make your final journey the envy of your loved ones.    Imagine your resting place situated on a cliff overlooking the blue Mediterranean Sea, a Parisian landmark where you can rub boney elbows with Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf and rock star Jim Morrison, or be sprinkled discreetly in the Trevi Fountain where your final wishes come true.    Why leave your assets to ungrateful family members? Spend them on a trip they’ll never forget. Your, embalmed or cremated remains, w