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The Visit (A Fictional Short Story)

I have a tendency to grow tired everyday as afternoon slips into evening.   As twilight approaches, I always feel the need to put my feet up and relax for a bit. As an avid reader, I love to open a book for a while and let the day’s stresses fade.   Sometimes, I get so relaxed I nod off mid-sentence on a page. It is that kind of sleep that overcomes you, and you don’t realize you fell asleep, until you wake up an hour later and notice that you drooled all over Chapter Five. I enjoy the comfort of our sectional sofa, and the variety of ways I can relax on it. Just recently, I propped myself in a comfortable position with a copy of Stephen King’s latest novel. I was looking forward to immersing myself in his macabre world, and taking a break from a sometimes-unpleasant reality.   I pushed my glasses up the ridge of my nose, cracked open the book, and let the words stream into my consciousness. There is always such a feeling of escapism when I read. I can experience someone e