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Want to Live in the White House?

We live in a country of opportunities. Every citizen is told with perseverance and drive; they can achieve their goals. No matter what your background you can dream of attaining the highest position in the land.

During the current presidential campaign, weve learned that any Tom, Dick or Donald can make a run for the White House. No matter if youve had a humble beginning living in a one room cabin, or if you threw Tic Tacs at your nanny while sitting in a gold encrusted high chair, you can throw your spiffy, redneck baseball cap into the political ring.

Experience and knowledge are no longer a prerequisite for the job. Anyone can descend a golden escalator with their trophy spouse and declare their candidacy. Youll also need some cash to back your campaign, but that is easy to do. Write a cheerful letter to the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, or save money by not paying your income tax.

It does appear that a modicum of knowledge is preferable when the heat of the campaign kicks in. Being able to answer a simple question about our democracy or to debate with rational thought can be important.

Thats why I.B. Publishing has just released The U.S. Presidency for Dummies - available at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon. This reference manual takes the complex issues of global and domestic politics and dumbs it way down. 

Its Democracy 101 for the less than intelligent. This book is a hands-on, hit the campaign trail resource guide. The book is filled with helpful charts, graphs, maps, cheat sheets and a CD-ROM that will provide you with a complete list of world leaders so you can pick a favorite.

Youll have important political facts and some helpful tips on how to sound presidential. Key phrases like “bigly,” “Ive been hearing,” “people are saying,” and “I have the best temperament to be president ever,” will help you wow the media.

This book will also dispel any misinformation that might be clouding a less than seasoned political brain. These are just highlights of facts youll learn:

1. Diana Ross was never part of the Supreme Court.
2. LGBTQ is not a sandwich on Dennys menu.
3. The Nuclear Triad is not the third Terminator movie.
4. Aleppo is not a can of dog food.
5. The National Inquirer is not an intelligence briefing document.

The U.S. Presidency for Dummies is loaded with information, and it is broken into easy to absorb sections for ADD candidates. Youll be able to flip thorough the guide while you send out important tweets at 3 AM.

You dont need public service experience or a previous political position, you just need a “huge” ego, tiny baby hands and addle-brained followers. This comprehensive guide can help you make it through the primaries and be within groping distance of the White House.

If youve thought about sitting behind the desk at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, pickup your copy today. Youll have all the knowledge, you can remember, to make your 2020 bid for the White House.

We already have a dummy running in this years race.


  1. This made my day. Thank you Vince. This is election is making me physically ill and I've even considered moving to Cuba if a certain tiny hand candidate wins. Keep on posting. I love your stuff

  2. The life in the White House has both advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, everyone would have agreed to receive such privileges for the certain services.


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