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American Politics in Decline - The Trumped Up Truth

Since the Republican debates began, I’ve been strangling my sofa pillow in shock and frustration. I’ve watched Presidential Psycho and checked into The Debates Motel. You must leave your sanity and decorum at the door. Don’t use the shower; someone with tiny hands might want to show you their national endowment.

Yes, that’s what the political process in our country has become; a finger pointing, yelling match between some of the worst presidential candidates the Republican party has ever offered up. It’s the Real House Husbands of DC. A bad reality show with character slurs, profanity and penis jokes.

It is a nonstop media freakfest that shows our country devolving. There’s no statesmanship, decorum, or any semblance of true political debate. It’s hard to believe the party that historically had candidates like Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt, is now Dumb and Dumber Part 3. 

It’s a horrible nightmare. I keep hoping I’ll wake up and Humpty Trumpty will have fallen off the wall. How did this blabbering, bilious, billionaire become the Republican presumptive nominee in the current presidential race?

Every time I hear the phrase “we want to take our country back,” I ask myself from whom?

You want to make America great again? No, you want to take us back to the 1950’s before the Civil Rights Act, the Women’s Equality movement, Roe v Wade, Stonewall and Marriage Equality.

There’s a whole flock of the poorly educated or just the blatantly stupid that are supporting the divisive rhetoric being spewed by “The Donald.” This group is white middle-aged predominantly male voters, who are still reeling from the fact that we’ve had a black president for the last eight years.

They are ready to take back the country from President Blackenstein who they think has pushed his socialistic, Muslim agenda and stocked the White House refrigerators with Colt 45 and Popeyes Chicken. 

Donald Trump is chumming the political waters with racist, sexist, xenophobic sound bites and all the crazy white sharks are eating it up. The proclaimed “self-funded” candidate wants to stick it to a failed political system and make the U.S. the “Great White Hope” again. 

Everyone climb into the “Trump Time Machine” and let’s return the country to when the white middle-class were the majority and anyone of a different hue was considered “the help.”

Mr. Trump is playing to a crowd that believe their country is being taken over by foreigners and that it’s time to close borders and put up walls. These people don’t question the narrative, research the facts and can’t accept that the country’s demographics are changing.

We are a much more diverse population now and part of a global community. The Trumpsters have to accept that fact and realize that we can change what’s wrong with Washington politics, but not through bullying, hate, intolerance and violence.

We live in a democracy not in an authoritarian state. Trump is not being elected King. No matter how much he promises to achieve and how blissful we will be in a “Trump USA,” it’s all bombast. Even if he became president, a thought so vile even Maleficent shudders, he still has to deal with an obstructionist Congress.

I have to give him credit though, this orange-skinned mogul is an equal opportunity insulter. If Donald doesn’t like you, you’re a “Loser!” Make no mistake – Mr. Trump loves himself. He has the best words, the best education, the best trophy wife and the best comb-over ever. He’s a brand not a personality. His “HUGE” ego is only eclipsed by Chris Christie who appears to be stuck to his side. There’s nobody better and he tells his supporters that at every rally.

This clearly is a phenomenon occurring in the Republican Party like no one has ever witnessed before. How can someone so unpresidential be at the top of the ticket?  Even members of the Republican party are shaking their heads and disavowing him as the party leader. Can we retain some hope the electorate isn’t as dimwitted as it appears? I’d light a candle, but there’s no wick big enough to keep that dream going.

I feel like Marty McFly and I’m stuck in some bizarre time continuum. Fire up the “Flux Capacitor” and take me Back to the Future. A future where states don’t propagate hate under the guise of religious freedom, where a minimum wage doesn’t keep you at poverty level, where corporations and the wealthy aren’t buying our elected officials, and where everyone is telling Donald Trump “You’re Fired!!”


  1. This is the best retort I have ever read as a reply to the boloney that Donald Trump and The Tea Party/ Republican nutjobs have shoved down our throats the last eight years.

    1. Marie: Thanks for the great review. I appreciate the feedback from such a talented writer.


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